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NW Digital Agency

HU Imagetool by NW Digital Agency

HU Imagetool by NW Digital Agency

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This product is primary designed for Coders and professional Users.

The easiest way to change the specific model image of your headunit - the HU-Imagetool by NW-Digital Agency

You can easylie change the graphic by choosing your individual png Imagefile.

  • Vehicle Graphic Change in less than 5 minutes
  • Clock Graphic Change in less than 5 minutes
  • no manual SSH or SCP Connection necessary
  • Upates are for free on duration of the license 


After Purchase you'll get a download link to your mail account. After Installation on your PC you have to fill the license request and send it to our mail adress. For usual we reply request within some hours and you'll get your license. Please be aware that license is locked to the PC you'll sent the request from. 

Actually supportet NBT Evo ID6 Navigatinosystems: 

  • F20
  • F21
  • F22
  • F23
  • F30
  • F31
  • F32
  • F33
  • F34
  • F36
  • F80
  • F81
  • F82
  • F87
  • F90
  • F97
  • F98
  • G01
  • G02
  • G11
  • G30
  • G31
  • G32

- The SSH Port of the Headunit have to be opened before starting HU-Imagetool. Questions on that will be replied by our Support

- Graphics should be .png Filetype and a resolution of 378x243 px. 

- Windows 10 / 11 native Installation (no VMs supported)
- Connection via ICOM or ENET OBD to the Car
- Open SSH Port on Headunit

V0.6. Support for NBT Evo Professional Headunit
V1.0. Support for Change of Clock Graphics | Added Remote Support via VPN
V1.1 Auto ZGW / Headunit IP Detection / Integration for HU Reboot 

Roadmap 2023
- Integration for changing Clock graphics - done V1.0
- Integration for Remote Support via VPN - done V1.0 
- Integration Auto Reboot
- Integration SSH Open
- Integration for Entrynav and EntryEvo Headunits
- Integration for changing Key graphics

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